ClinkerBuster, the Environmentally Practical Solution for Power Plant Boiler Tube Cleaning

from STRATAGEM Securities LLC

ClinkerBuster Eliminates Accretion Fast without Lead or Hazardous Materials

VIENNA, VA (October 2012) – The ClinkerBuster system safely eliminates power plant boiler tube “clinkers” with lead-free solutions while significantly increasing plant efficiency and saving time. ClinkerBuster, an industrial solution product from STRATAGEM Security LLC, is the only lead-free 12 gauge shotgun round that effectively removes boiler tube build-up with minimal to no collateral damage and is safe in the environment and for facility personnel.

In coal burning power plants the burning coal creates ash or slag which adheres to the sides of the boiler tubes. The larger formations are called “clinkers” and they can pose a serious threat to the power plant and to the plant employees. Clinkers can be removed in a variety of ways including flushing, probing and shotgun reduction.

Shotgun reduction using traditional ammunition is tedious, consuming many man-hours and poses risks to the tubes. Impacting a boiler tube with a conventional round will result in a significant dent in that tube, occluding fluid flow and creating turbulence that will further restrict the working fluid throughput. If the tube is perforated, a catastrophic plant or boiler shut down will occur. Conventional ammunition is also lead based, a threat to both employees and the environment.

ClinkerBuster is unique. These 12 Gauge products break up clinkers safely, economically and in an environmentally green manner. Completely lead and hazardous material free, ClinkerBuster removes more material with each shot than conventional lead-based products. Quick and efficient removal lessens down time for the boiler and decreases valuable man-hours on the job.

Operator safety is naturally increased with the use of ClinkerBuster products. During the tedious process using conventional ammunition, operators are more likely to suffer from fatigue and stress from repeated firings to eliminate clinkers. Plus, the added potential for operators to experience ricochet from the ammo debris can cause injury. ClinkerBuster’s unique formula allows it to disintegrate upon impact and does not ricochet. Because ClinkerBuster products get the job done in fewer shots than conventional ammo, operators experience little, to no fatigue and accomplish the mission in significantly less time.

ClinkerBuster is available in two lead-free loads. ClinkerBuster Level I is a frangible copper based load that disintegrates upon impact leaving little to no collateral damage to tubes. ClinkerBuster Level II is a lead-free slug that removes 4 to 10 pounds as much in a single shot as a conventional lead slug.

For more information on the ClinkerBuster accretion reduction system, visit or call 866-333-7631.

About ClinkerBuster:

ClinkerBuster is an industrial solutions offered through STRATAGEM Security LLC. ClinkerBuster systems are completely lead-free and environmentally green products that provide customers an efficient and safe alternative to power plant boiler tube maintenance.

About STRATAGEM Security LLC:
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