How ClinkerBuster Works

Example of the effect of a lead slug on a boiler tube.

Example of the effect of a lead slug on a boiler tube.

The proprietary ClinkerBuster load is specifically engineered to have a very destructive effect on clinkers and still be “pipe friendly”; i.e. if a pipe is inadvertently hit by the operator, damage is none to minimal. As with all our products, the material left in the boiler is non-toxic and heavy metal free. ClinkerBuster is compatible with all 12 gauge shotguns and industrial cartridge guns. It does not require a dedicated industrial platform.

In addition to the safety of the boiler tubes during clinker removal, the ClinkerBuster products offer enhanced safety to the operators. In the event of an accidental discharge, the slugs will not ricochet or fragment into pieces. On Red Dog type clinkers, an increase in clinker volume removal of up to 14 times using ClinkerBuster Level II ammunition vs. conventional lead slug ammunition has been shown. The ability of ClinkerBuster products to quickly eliminate clinkers in fewer shots greatly reduces operator fatigue and error.

For large clinkers, where the possibility of missing is low, the ClinkerBuster Level II product will give the most rapid clinker removal.

If the possibility or consequences of a poorly aimed shot are unacceptable, the ClinkerBuster Level I product is the safest choice with clinker removal performance because it is frangible.

The results of shots on cold, unpressurized tubes, completely clean of clinker, below. The tested range was 3 meters (10 feet).

Inconel Boiler Tubing 1.5″ OD, 1.0625 ID

1 oz. Factory Lead Ammo                                               0.335″

ClinkerBuster Level I                                                   NIL

ClinkerBuster Level II Shot #1                                      0.220″

ClinkerBuster Level II Shot #2                                       0.227″

Mild Steel Tubing – 1.5″ OD, 1.0625 ID

     00Buck (Lead)                                                                0.045″

#4 Buck (Lead)                                                                     <0.020″

Win. 2-3/4″ 1 oz. (Lead Slug)                                              0.525″

ClinkerBuster Level I                                                        NIL

ClinkerBuster Level II                                                         0.205″